An Update on the Weekly Mission Reward - May 15, 2020

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Hey everyone,

Just an update on the issue that some of you helped to raise to us yesterday when we set the new weekly mission live.

What’s Happening
A small number of long time players aren’t receiving the Weekly Reward (100 BFC) after completing this week's Weekly Mission. We know the cause of the problem, we’re developing and releasing a fix early next week. In the meantime, we’re granting all players 200 BFC as a gesture of good will. Most players will otherwise be able to complete the Weekly Mission and receive the reward as normal.

Why’s it Happening 
It’s a configuration on our side not caught during our testing. Essentially the mission is working correctly, but if you’re a player who played during Chapter 3 and completed a specific mission during that Chapter, you’re finding that you’re not being sent the reward. This is why only certain players are affected, most are able to complete and gain the reward as normal.

What We Are Doing to Fix It
We’ve developed a fix but want to triple check via extensive testing. What’s important is that we stop it happening next week, and in future weeks too, so we’re going to continue running our tests all weekend and safely deploy the fix early next week.

What if you are one of the players affected?
We intend to make good on this as soon as we can. We'll be mass granting additional BFC to players and we'll update you Monday when we expect we can get those to you. You are still earning your XP when completing your tasks in the Weekly mission, so go ahead and keep on grinding those tasks.

Thanks to everyone who helped to flag this one to us, and for your patience as we worked to identify what had gone wrong. We’re confident that we won’t run into this issue next week, and we’ll be able to deploy our fixes in the background. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe,

-Braddock512 and PartWelsh

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