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How do you guys think a market place would go for future Battlefield titles? Would it be welcome?
When you look at games that utilise these services they're still going strong. Is it the game or the market place that helps the developer succeed?

The top three games on steam charts CSGO, DOTA, PubG all use the market place and are still making tons of money and still being supported.
CSGO released in 2012 and on average has 700k active players, DOTA was 2013 and has about 500k active, PubG 350k

Just the other day playing csgo I won an AK47 that I sold for $26. It's not a lot of money but it goes back into my steam wallet or csgo, I buy what I want and valve takes a cut. It's a win win for everyone. And as for support, when there's a problem or bug in csgo it's patched within days (if not sooner) because they can still pay their staff.
And as far as earnings go, some players have inventories that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars just from trading (see link below).

So do you think there's room for a market place in Battlefield? A workshop for players to design skins for distribution? Fancy hats maybe.. lol jk about the hats

A market place, I know it's something I'd like to see.


Steam charts -
CSGO inventories large enough to buy a home $$ -

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    All new EA games are supposed to appear on steam. Also, some current titles, including BFV, are on that list too. If EA is concidering such option, I'm sure it's possible for the next BF game.
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    I've moved it to off-topic for you
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    No no no! God please no!

    I’m an avid Steam user and I’ve clocked over 1200 hrs on TF2 and 2000 hrs on CS:GO but for the love of God, do not EVER EVER EVER let the community manually price items on the market! CS:GO, TF2 and DOTA 2 have some really nice cosmetic items but they are NOT WORTH OVER $60 USD PERIOD. The AWP Dragonlore (CS:GO) is a very pretty skin but it is not worth over $1000 USD full stop.

    This is what happens when the community is left to decide on the price of individual items; you get items that literally cost more than the game itself which is utterly and unequivocally ludicrous. Some of the items on the Steam Community Market sell more than a REAL LIFE SECOND-HAND CAR or OVER A MONTH WORTH OF RENT. These are virtual pixels in a bloody video game god dammit, they are not worth these absolutely ridiculous prices.

    I say this as a Steam user that has dabbled in trading for nearly 3 years: Do not EVER let the community price in-game items if you value your money. Do not make the same mistake I did.
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