2nd Marine Division XBOX MILSIM

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The 2nd Marine Division [2MD] is a rebranded milsim in the xbox community with deep roots. We decided to switch from a US Army to US Marine Milsim within Battlefield 5. We have over 150 ACTIVE members on Xbox, whom are sectioned off into battalions and companies. All that is required is a microphone, being over the age of 18 (appeals for exceptions), and joining our regimental wide Discord Channel. We regularly host "game nights" within companies and the entire division and tournaments. We have specialized air, armor, and infantry units that work on communication between squads and platoons to achieve our mission, which is to dominate the battlefield! We do follow a military rank structure and do ask you to bring your best on game nights!

We do not require you to play specific guns unless required so for a specific tournament, but may ask you to play among two of your top two classes in order to best help your team win. For example, we try to let our best pilots rule the air, our best tankers destroy the enemy, our infantry to be the spear of an attack, build defensive fortifications, or support our other units. We even have an ELITE infantry unit for especially competitive players that excel at hand to hand combat, with infantry K/Ds over 2+.

I am a member of FOX COMPANY within the 2MD, which currently has about over 20 members and we are looking to double that number with some highly skilled and team based players! I would like to specifically recruit some top infantry and armor guys and 1 or 2 additional pilots for Fox Co. Our company game nights are two nights a week on Wednesdays and Sunday’s at 8:30pm Eastern time (7:30 Central) and last about 2-3 hours. All other nights we either play with other companies within the 2MD on their game nights or play casually with a squad of friends.
Please message me on here or send me a message on Xbox to my gamertag: RKampfflieger to inquire about joining!


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