Any Beginner's guides/tips for a newcomer like me? (BF4/BF1)



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    KorpusDraige said
     (don't leave the server or sit on a hill as a sniper, you'll learn nothing)

    That's not true, you learn to snipe. 

    When a team is getting dominate you can pull back and raise the white flag. You can go run towards a base and get slaughtered or you can sit from the hill and shoot fish in a barrel. lol. 

    Yes, go sit on a hill or a tower/rooftop and "raise the white flag". Great advice.

    Well for someone that seen it all I don't think you know some of roles the sniper can play. You jump in and pretty much say the same thing, by taking a few roles. I'm sorry a couple roles. : /  I hope the forum goes back to gating PC from console, because there two different worlds.  Distract and tick people off is a couple roles of a sniper. Shooting people clear across the map and you might hear you ruin the game. Tanker wins a battle and gets out of tank to repair and gets his head pop from a sniper in the next town over. I prefer taking both engineers tags and tank. It's easy to charge tanks on foot. Recon/support know this well. I like to jump on them and ride around on top while t-bagging it. Pilot goes to lift off, pop goes his head. Player kills everyone around him. He nest to celebrate his victory and gets popped from a distant sniper. Tanks and air hear a constant beep beep beep, BOOM! Sofa is a very valuable tool. Many times I had tanks and helis right on top of me and I drop the sofa and 2 seconds later they go BOOM. You might be such player that eliminates the target for me. Sofa is also good to push back tanks and heli from a flag. Just the beeping sound alone is enough to make tanks stop in their tracks or turn heli's away. No one is safe from a sniper if the sniper can see them. This includes some one standing near or across the map and anywhere in between. Stand still for 2 seconds and it could be lights out. You can spawn and start running, but I sniper can pretty much start shooting when he spawns. If a sniper is on a tower/rooftop or hill, it's easy pray for a counter sniper. Complain about the sniper or simply counter the sniper. How dare a person that buys the game play as sniper and sit on the hill. There should be no snipers. What about let people play how they want and leave them alone. Just want to pop heads, don't see what the problem is. lol.

    Well he could also switch to the winning team, stack a squad and a team to where's there's 13 lvl 140 on one side and only 3 on the other side. And sorry you don't like my info I share or tips I suggest. I usually don't give games tips, but thought understanding how the game can be screwy at times was important to understand. This way he would know if it was his PC, settings or the game working against him for he wouldn't think it was all his fault. Take the good with the bad and have fun is what is most important to me. Not crying because you lose a game or blaming other teams mates or the sniper, because you lost the game.  

    And being on PC I suggest v-sync off and low settings. Here's some BF3-4 Conquest tips.  There's 4 flags and you want to control 2-3 of them to win. You should be able to take the closes flags 1-2 before you start running into players. Get in the habit of spotting players and tanks. Make sure the tanks are spotted on your map and spot them again if you have too. It helps your air, tanks and team of there locations. Don't shoot at players unless you're sure you can kill them. Spot them and stay out of there sight, until teams mates show up to help. Also, depending what gun you use and scope will determine what range is best to counter. So you may want to try to sneak up on them before you start shooting. Try to spot all the enemies and beware of where your own team is, because they can assist or take out the threat for you. Beware where the enemy base is, because if you can see their base, then chances are they can see you to. So try to stay out of direct view of their base and favor being on your base side of the map as you go for flags.

    If engineer you can drop 3 minds close to each other and place them near flags where tanks enter to take flags to blow them up. Place them where they won't be spotted so easy. Can also use them if a tank is chancing you on foot. Drop them behind cover or hill, when tank comes around he goes BOOM or he sits there shooting at them, while you escape.

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