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Hello BF community.

I wonder % of people playing on PC vs Xbox vs PS4

I would also like to have acces in game to the players ranks and stats, not having to go on an external site like battlelog or else.

Playing BF since BC2 on xbox.
And I realy got use to the aiming assist and target locking system, wich now makes me much better playing with controller then Keyboard and mouse. 
BFV have a much extented sensitivity settings then previous ones ( I Haven't play BF1 much, was working to much) and I realy like how you can adjust the sensitivity accelaration.

I Know a good pc can run games with better graphic settings. 
I use to play more on PC but i much prefert consoles for many reasons.

1st: hacking. Console have no hackers. 
2st: More friendly user; grabbing controller, sitting on the couch playing on the big tv...
3st: Less expensives overall

With the new Anaconda coming in winter21, it will be like an OP pc almost.

From what I read on forums, most players are complaining about PC related issues.
cheaters are the main reason Why I fear crossplatform between Consoles and PC. Crossplatform between Consoles or PC would need  to be optional.

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    Just play the platform your friends are on or what you're comfortable on. The auto-rotation and aim assist on console might as well be a mini aim bot lol (I have mine turned off).
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