M1907 SL : sweeper, factory, or trench?



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    Like you outlined it comes down to ease of use which doesn’t equal better. Try to kill a 1907 user that just domed you once with a Federov, you lose every time. It’s sort of like the Autoloading Marksman only it doesn’t have the same skill floor at all. The Autoloading 8 wins every 1v1 until player error occurs. Similarly with two highly skilled players the Federov player gets wiped by the 1907 and when headshots are thrown into the mix it gets bodied even harder. Especially when it’s only CQB where this discussion is relevant where it’s literally just raw damage output that matters.
    I agree the Fedorov is easier to use, and would certainly be more forgiving for newcomers.  And I agree that doesn't necessarily make it better.  But I do think it IS better (but not by much). 

    Of course if someone gets you in the head with the 1907 (or pretty much any other medic gun) then by the time you have reacted you should be dead.  But that's just one use case, and it doesn't really matter what gun you have in that scenario.  Just like by the time the server has told you that I've got you with a headshot or two with the Federov I've also probably landed a couple more shots - so it has the same net effect.  Ultimately they have very similar theoretical TTK's up to 30m (with the Federov being imperceivably quicker according to Sym < 30m, and the 1907 being quicker between 31m and 54m, and swapping back to the Federov 55m and beyond).  

    But that's theoretical TTK.  The reality is people miss shots, even really good players.  Even the mighty @The_BERG_366 only has about 40% accuracy with the guns in question (you and I both have accuracy around 30%).  And if two guns have the same/similar theoretical TTK and one has a faster fire rate, and similar spread - I'd take the faster fire rate every day of the week as the impact of one or two missed bullets is much less consequential. This is further compounded by the 1907 having more recoil, which means hitting people consistently at distances probably means reducing the fire rate to maintain accuracy - and thus slowing the practical TTK.  Tap-firing the Federov Optical and it's like a laser beam.

    Headshots make a difference for sure, but if you are lining up headshots at stationary potatoes then it doesn't make much difference either way.  But if you are shooting against good players with great movement and reflexes, then I'd again take the faster fire rate as their use of cover and movement means hitting shots (head or otherwise) is invariably harder and again that again tips towards the Federov's favour as the impact of individual missed shots matters less.

    The Federov just is more of an all rounder for me.  You are welcome to your own opinion of course, but just explaining why it's better for me.
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    In that order. Sweeper is an idiot trap, auto fire isn’t useful at 299rpm and besides that it’s objectively worse in either aggressive or supportive playstyles

    Factory is probably the best all round gun in the game.
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