server balance idea

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implement a forced server retention. if you quit mid round and change srever right after quitting it forces you to rejoin until the round is resolved.
that would at least stop the lemming quitters from ruining it for those who stick around....
and if you really want to not play that server what re 10-15 minutes then anyways.... its just enough to see server after server with one team 32 and 10-25 in the other....


  • TheySprayTheSky
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    Or how about they prevent team stacking on the next Battlefield and actually create a team balancer that accounts for score per minute, rank, k/d etc.

    The whole idea of joining a platoon and playing alongside 2 or more squads of players all communicating on the same team is a major factor in unbalanced public matches.

    A team of randoms will always be at a severe disadvantage in that case. If it’s a public server matches should be as random as possible.

    Platoons shouldn’t have an issue playing against other members of their platoon so matches can be more fairly balanced and enjoyable for all.
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