Post here if you need players for the BF4 DICE Camo Paracel Storm Easter Egg.

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As per the BF4 Phantom Room Thread Please only post here if you are looking for assistance in obtaining the DICE Camo.

 Please be aware that there is just ONE prerequisite.

  • It must be a ranked match  ( set your filters and look for paracel storm ONLY servers to increase the chance of unlocking it ) 
This Easter Egg is functional across all platforms ( PS3/XBONE/PC ) 

Big thanks to @Collision_TN and @DANNYonPC and the BF easter egg hunters for doing the legwork and finding out how to unlock it.

So let's get into the meat of this thread  : 

Post the following ( this is important to find players that play on your particular platform ) 
  • Gamertag / EA ID
  • What platform you are playing on : 
Example : 
"Looking for players on PC,  My ID is LOLGotYerTags"

If you are renting a server dedicated to this to help the community,  Please add your server url in your replies and I'll update the OP with them to make things easier.

Again,  We'll need to know what platform you are on so I can add dedicated server links by platform.

So,  Without further ado  



  • crossedsee23
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    • crossedseeker19 / crossedsee23
    • Xbox One
    Looking for players on Xbox One, my ID is crossedsee23
  • acko1292
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    hey imintersrested. playstation 4 pro 4k user gotten three acount to level 100 and over. my gamertag is all lower cae letters no spaces       upgrade-ur-wifi  im a class player and love supporting the objective the leader of said game ha put forth. id be a valuable member to anybodies squad. also have real military training. sas/para
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