BF4 rented servers in 2020

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Hi, I’ve been back playing BF4 (Xbox) for a while now (this game still has such appeal) and decided to try the rent a server. But due to the game being so old now I’m not sure if it’s possible to promote it 🤔. It’s just a simple CQ one called [BOOM] campers paradise but I think has some popular maps. Any advice etc would be much appreciated 👍🏻


  • wsupchris1222444
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    I have no clue on how to get a server populated in bf4, promoting on the forum would help but having a great map rotation would help even more. There is plenty of servers with the same old base maps in rotation but throwing in the good dlc ones would attract people. You'll see lots of servers that say no rules but I wouldn't recommend putting that in the title or description
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