Banned for no reason?

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Im kinda fed up with this nonsense. Ive been a BF Gamer since the BF1942 days. Have loved the franchise and purchased pretty much every game they have presented. Currently in the Military and due to deployment not able to game. Last December of 2019 was the last time Ive played a game of BFV. Mid July Ive installed the game again and wanted to game, only to find out that Ive been banned for cheating. After confronting EA Support numerous times, Ive been told that my account was caught cheating and therefore have been perm banned.

My question is, after researching this matter Ive come to realize that this is, sadly a common problem which many users have had. Not only wasnt I informed of exactly when and where I supposedly had been conducting such deeds, I was told that the investigation into this matter have resolved of a cheating incident and therefore Ive been banned, without exact claims why nor proof. 

Id like to know how this is possible? If I can also proof that Ive not been online latley to game. EA should be able to verify that through my IP adress that Ive indeed not gamed since December of 2019. That my account may have been hacked? But nevertheless its easier to tell the person who payed 60€ that my claims arent true and that the account has been banned. Thanks for that.

Why am I trying to spread the notion of this matter? Because staying within the official bounds doesnt seem to get the issue resolved. I want as many people to read this. After all, we have witnessed the falling descent of this game in the past months. Hackers, Bugs and many more problems which this game has sadly become to accustomed to. Finally the End of this game as we all know. 

It is sad to see a community like EA, for years very dear and near to my heart, treat its games and gamers this way, the glory days of BF2 have been crushed due to the greed for more money. 
Instead of helping its base they just forget who have been supporting them for all this time. And rather than trying to figure out a solution, you just get told to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ off. 

To summarize this mess, I dont believe someone who is a cheater would endure all this hassle to get this account unbanned. Ive tried contacting Customor Support numerous times as mentioned, with no end in sight. 

What now?


  • DocCuda418
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    That's messed up. People here, including myself, have reported BFV cheaters, posted videos and the same cheaters are still online now shutting down a dozen servers a piece every single night. 

    We never have seen someone actually get banned, ever. In fact once the cheaters outnumbered the real players I think Dice gave up and got to the point they were afraid to take the game from the cheaters. So they abandoned the game. 

    If you are on PC you are not missing much, game is pretty much dead unless you cheat. If you cheat you might get a good game as everyone else is cheating too. Doesn't look like fun to me but might be the only way to get a fair game on BFV. 

    BF4 is going strong, private servers so limited cheating. Much better experience. 
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    The forums are not the place to discuss game bans.

    You need to file an appeal if you believe the ban to be erroneous.
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