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Hey, just looking for a platoon to have fun in. Can be competitive or just for fun. I've lost interest in the Battlefield series recently due to a lack of friends or people to play with, and I really want to get more into it again, but solo queueing is just not fun. Thanks in advance!


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    Fed up playing Battlefield V by yourself and feel like you want to squad up with a group ? Well look no more .....

    "The Wolf Pack" is now recruiting for casual ,competitive(fully involved in the Battlefield V ESB league starting Season 1) and Firestorm(battle royal) game-play.

    Who are we?

    We are a very new community(born 2019) of mature PC gamers who value character, honour and professionalism.... most of the time 
    We are diverse and open, with members from all across the world.
    We are organised and stable, with opportunities for both competitive and casual players.
    We accept players of all skill levels and help members grow at their own pace.
    We are respectful, determined, and proud to be [TWP] members.


    - Minimum Age of 16
    -A working microphone
    -Must have Discord (Link to our discord channel : Discord
    -We will accept players that are in different clans in other games , and also anybody that just wants to come in for the banter
    -If you cheated in the past or you do at the moment .. WE DO NOT WANT YOU .. and we will catch you out

    If any of the above looks appealing to you please feel free to check us out on our Discord channel,
    for any other bit of information that you might require o any help with joining us please gut in touch on our Forums or DM one of our members in Discord.
    Supporting streamers all day long .

    Not required : to be a member to play with us and join on our discord channel
    NO Application to fill in join and your IN.  

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