Are there any XBONE platoon that aren't tryhard? Please read description.

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I'm very skilled at BF4 and BFV and I'm currently looking for a casual platoon that I can tag along or play with on occasion. I'm an adult and cuss lightly if that matters to anyone. I am NOT looking to join a platoon which requires the following:
  • Being assigned "commanding officers" and being required to speak to "superiors" using terms such as "M'am" and "Sir". 
  • Using special radio talk when communicating. Such as saying things like "over" or "how copy".
  • Changing your gamer tag.
  • Attending practices (or risk being kicked out of the platoon).
Basically the try hard MILSIM platoons. I am simply a good BF players that wants to be able to have a group that I can tag along with to dominate. My battlefield stats speak for themselves so please take a look at my account. I would love to play with players of equal or greater skill level. 
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