Battlefield Censorship

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adding from my last battlefield post.

the reality and truth is this game is mature rated but you know as well as me that there is no control of who really downloads and plays it including minor's of which most probably accounts for the majority of players who are actually playing this game.
so this is obviously the main culprit and reason for the chaos behind the censorship of which contradicts in reality the portrayal of the game and it's user rating.
instead of the ingame censorship of which spoils the fun for everyone else and should be completely removed in the majority of everyone's opinion,
perhaps there should be steps taken to concentrate efforts on the actual downloading and access to games like this through origin and EA and also there is parental control,or lack of it.
instead of spoiling everyone's fun with the the inability of chat,
or update the whole game and their vocabulary and then drop the games rating to PEGI 12 minor.
the problem is though is that there is no real way to actually regulate any of this so this is why they have introduced the ingame chat censorship as the final solution.
my solution to chat censorship is the user account gets a HB ban although this is not foolproof it would be the better option with the most impact as it sends a clear message if this is not what already is being used to deter certain players including those who cheat.
i also think that there should be ID verification for playing these games but obviously this could be a complicated process and a time consuming procedure resource wise but it really is also a must do as a second line of defence to solving part of this problem,
otherwise it will just become never ending.
and then no doubt you wouldn't have all the culprit minor's complaining to EA about nonsense childish problems that they have caused in the first place verbally on a game that they should not be really playing anyway as it is really aimed for a older mature audience with half a brain.
not that they are to blame for it all,
but for the majority of it they most probably are,
sorry to say.
I am certain that this would not affect any overall profits made from the game series of which is the most vital part of all of this in the long run.


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