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Join our international gaming community!
All our members welcome you.

**** About us ****
The First Force (TFF) was founded in Japan and is planning to expand worldwide.
We are a comprehensive gaming community mainly playing together Battlefield 4 & 5 and Apex Legends.
Our Motto is "Role Free".
We play almost everyday, but there is no obligation of regular participation.
Our own server is also ready.
Let's become our member and enjoy with us!
As of now (August 21th, 2020), 17 members belong to TFF.

We enjoy squad actions using Voice Chat (Discord).
Listening Only is also OK.

**** Our basic rules ****
1. Do not command other members to do something.
    If you want someone to do something, please ask him/her to do it.
2. Do not blame other members.
    You should especially welcome new members.
3. Do not disrupt the order.
    Cheating and troll are taboo.

**** Our Philosophy ****
Our goal is to become a community for all FPS players.
We want to make a group in which players having different styles can coexist
"I want to get on my style and win as a team at the same time"
In TFF, you can enjoy as an individual and as a member of a team.

**** Introductory Membership System ****
This system is prepared for players thinking "I want to try TFF activity before becoming a regular member."
In a week, you would be asked if you want to enroll in TFF or not.
If our atmosphere doesn't match your style, you don't have to enroll.
You're not forced to become our member.

IMS application form ---------->

**** Server ****
Our Japanese server is already ready.
We will introduce foreign servers in not-distant future, especially in America or in Europe.

For more information, please visit our Website.

Our website ---------->ホーム-english/
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