The issue with Dice/EA

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They don't care about us, The mods close any post for anything trying to talk about hackers/cheaters/skids/The amount of money they put into not allowing players to say but

You will soon listen to the players, The cheats are making your change your ways or your games will die I think you should stop lock posts about hackers so we can see how many people really report them on a day to day bases, You want us to think you have uncontrolled when you don't It is to the point where there is a hacker in every game or even more then 1

EA,Dice,The mods on here How about you spend more time Moderating the game then trying to shut us up

We made you lose million with BF5 we will do the Same with BF6 unless you let us speak out about what you are doing and stop closing our Posts

We buy your games for a reason and We can stop buying them for a reason as well.


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    There has been 1000s of posts on here mentioning cheating and hacking issues and they were all gathered up and received as feedback. The way people talked about it became so disruptive that it is no longer allowed on here but that doesn't mean it wasn't listened to. You are free to discuss and give feedback on pretty much everything else.

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    • Don't talk about cheating, and cheaters. We are unable to action, or comment on cheating via the forums. Check out this EA Help article if you want to report someone.

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