How do I import emblems in bf1 in 2020

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I never really bothered with emblems but I would like to use a custom emblem from and I've watched several videos but I cant find the login for companion when ever I try to click the import link and it never brings me to the emblem page or ant page to navigate to it. Any help would be appreciated.


  • OskooI_007
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    Here you go.
    ah I see, well apparently, turns out it still is possible in a way.
    sorry for the late reply but I found out and successfully managed how to import an emblem. To anyone else who wants to get a custom emblem imported you have to go to and go to the ticker near the top right and deselect premium because I guess that only works for people who had bf4 premium emblems or something. Then find the emblem you want to import and copy the bf1 code and then go to and go on the make new emblem thing. Now, with the bf1 code for the emblem that you copy pasted, press ctrl + shift + j together at the same time and a window with a console will pop up and just paste that bf1 code into it and you're done and you have successfully imported it. Remember only non premium emblems will work unless you have access to premium emblem shapes.

    I hope this helps someone.

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