Come Join the FIGHT with the 36th Engineer Regiment

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Name: 36th Engineer Regiment
Platform: Xbox One
Region: USA
Games: BFV

Description: Are you in search of solid group of Battlefield veterans to play with?

Have a mic, but find the blueberries don't communicate?

Looking for people who actually PTFO?

The 36th Engineer Regiment isn't your traditional mil-sim group. We play two game nights Sunday's and Wednesday's at 20:30 est.

We are a brotherhood of like-minded 18+ adults, ran by military veterans, boasting a quickly growing roster of active members, so we should be able to keep even the most active player busy!

We won't yell at you for real life commitments either. We understand real life comes first.

If this sounds like the type of group that you'd like to join reach out to me for more information.
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    Please keep platoon threads in the platoon section.


    Also,  please keep it to one thread,  multiple threads are creating spam and also preventing other platoons from attracting members.

    Your platoon is not the only platoon in battlefield,  everyone is entitled to have an equal chance of gaining new members.

    So the duplicates have been trashed.
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