Zeppelins on Verdun Heights

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Imagine this, instead of when the attackers lose and get elite kits, they get a zeppelin on Verdun Heights. Now it may sound dumb, but hear me out.

In the Battle of Verdun, a German Zeppelin was actually used against the French, making it perfect for Verdun Heights. The map may be a bit too small for a behemoth of that size, but its a pretty cool idea. It would look awesome in the fiery scenery of the map. Now you may argue that the hill in the final sector in Verdun Heights is too tall and the Zeppelin may hit it, but look at Monte Grappa. The mountain side is so tall, that the Zeppelin can hit it, but when have you seen that happen? Pretty rare, at least for me. 

Pretty weird idea, but I find it to be cool. 
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