How this premium works?

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I recently discovered the existence of the phantom bow, I researched about it and says it has to have premium, I play on the xbox and it has the ea acess, that the premium can be obtained without having to pay, but when I enter the battlelog it says that I don't I own the premium.


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    pepehpss you may not be able to trigger the Phantom program anymore since Battlelog hasn't really been maintained and there's been connectivity issues with it recognizing Premium. If you cannot access the Phantom Program you can pick the bow up from a container on the Operation Outbreak map. 

    Here's how the Phantom program used to work:

    The first thing is that you must be Premium in order to access and complete that assignment.

    Next if you are Premium from your Battlelog go to leaderboards, then click on the skull at the bottom of the page under the top performances box.

    After you click on the Skull a DOS looking prompt will appear, check to see if you are Premium, and if you are it will prompt you for a password.  Type bumpinthenight as the password and the assignment will unlock and begin tracking the AR, Tank, and Headshot kills for you.

    Next you have to complete the first three phantom assignments, then find a dog tag on one of the final strike maps, then on Hanger 21 you need to equip the phantom dog tag on right and left, equip the phantom camo on your soldier, equip the phantom paint on your weapon, then get three other people who all have the phantom stuff equipped each with a different dog tag from the maps and then take the elelvator down to the vault on Hanger 21. Then enter this code:  1290 429 397648 970.  Then claim the bow.

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