[Suggestion] The next Battlefield game should support RCON and server scripts again

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edited October 2020
I think BF1 and BF5 servers felt kinda dull without 3rd party admin control software and scripts. Bring RCON and Punkbuster support back with the next title so server owners can use auto-balance scripts or public banlists etc.
I personally liked playing in high ticket servers with banlist support, votekick, autobalance, rcon-enforced no baserape rule, limited snipers etc. If people don't like servers with such rules then they can still play on official vanilla Dice servers.
3rd party admin-script support gave your older games more playability. Especially Bf5 lacked community-paid custom servers and all servers were basically the same.


  • 0ld_yell0w
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    And why do you think the latest games in BF series is already dead ? ;)

    I totally agree to your post, but it wont happen, EA and DICE have no interest in a large talkative community that controls their own servers like we do/did in BF3 and BF4.
    Just look how they messed up with BF1 and BF5 thus this forum is almost gone and I wont write about why, because its forbidden here ;)
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