Battlefield Vietnam Concept

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For the next Battlefield game that is supposedly to be released next year, I would want to see the series return to the jungles of Cambodia, and the streets of Saigon. I am obviously referring to the Vietnam War.

Except for some strategy PC games, there is not that many Vietnam FPS's out on the market (Besides CODBOCW, but that is not fully set in the Vietnam War) . Thus, I believe Battlefield go back to Vietnam.

Below are some ideas for such a game.

•Battlefield 1 style operations with the same immersive tone. Operations would be the Tet Offensive, Operation Market Time, and maybe the fall of Saigon.

•Other game modes would make a return (Rush with no artillery, conquest, TDM, etc.)

•Campaign would have multiple perspectives, like the War Stories. The POV's would be an American GI, South Vietnamese soldier, and a North Vietnamese soldier.

•Scattered around the maps in the campaign would be music cassettes that when recovered can be played in vehicles in the multiplayer. These cassettes may also be unlocked via a Battlepass system. The songs would be Fortunate Son, Bird is the Word, For What it's Worth, the original Battlefield Vietnam theme song, and other songs of the era.

•Soldier customization would make a return, but the uniforms would be more logical, and not too outlandish like BFV's.

•The Factions would be American Army, American Marines, South Vietnamese Army, and North Vietnamese Army. Campaign must be gritty!!

•Gun customization would be similar to that of BF4's.

•Vehicle customization would be similar to that of BF4's

•Fortifications would make a return with some new additions, like booby traps. Spike pits and other traps of that nature could be built and be used to kill enemy forces.

•In the Vietnam War, the Vietcong used bags that had vipers in them to kill enemy forces. I think this would be a cool gadget for the Sniper Class, as it may appear to be a ammo bag or other pickup. 

•Something that BF games have never had was gore. I feel this should be added into the next BF game, as it would be more immersive. In the settings, you would be able to increase or decrease the level of gore, similar to that of Verdun.

•Vietnamese rat tunnels would run under the map, and would be cool ways to get across it.

•Napalm strikes may be used as either a squad reinforcement, or a vehicle.

•Soldier banter should make a return from BF3.

•Speakers on certain maps would randomly play Hanoi Hannah's propaganda messages. 

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