I've lost not only all my favourite servers, but almost ALL servers, except for a couple. (BF4)

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Hello there! Hope you're having a good afternoon.
So yesterday at night I went to play Battlefield 4, as usual, but the battlelog web pops up, so I thought it was a mistake. I re-launch it, just to get the exact same result; now I'm thinking the exact same question I had yesterday at night.
Why? Not only in my region (South America) there are few active & good servers, with good moderators and admins, but now they just simply don't appear at all. Before, at least we had a "favourites" section, where we just knew those servers would guarantee us some fun. Now when we try to browse servers on battlelog, we only see two servers. Literally two, we went from 30+ servers to 2 !!

EA, DICE, anyone with some sort of power to change this situation, please. We and all the south-american community, as a whole, in union; beg you to please revert the changes so we can use the very-much and well-liked in-game server browser.
Some of us don't have powerful computers, and battlelog just makes everything worse

Sincerely yours, frisk

May you have a great day! Cheers from Uruguay


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    Could some of them have just quit managing servers? On Ps4 I have seen many platoons leaving the game and their servers.
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