Battlefield V - Update 7.3

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Hey folks,

Following on from the Fall Update, we’re releasing a small patch tomorrow that's aimed at fixing some minor issues that we spotted around the time that we were rolling out our previous update. 

A complete list of all fixes is detailed below.

The 7.3 Update will start to roll out to all platforms tomorrow, December 8th, from 0900 UTC and we’ll keep you updated on it’s progress over on the Battlefield Twitter account.

Battlefield Community Manager
Twitter: @PartWelsh

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • We’ve updated our loading screen with new artwork

  • Fixed an issue that was causing for some players who were accessing Battlefield V via EA Play to show as Trial Users
  • The correct rank is now shown in Your Company

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Rank Up message from appearing during midround

  • Friendly Name tags are correctly disabled when name tags mutator is set to OFF

  • The Serpentine paint job is now available in The Company for the Corsair F4U-1C

  • The New Zealand plane paint job correctly displays when in the Corsair F4U 1-A cockpit view 

  • The Hazard Skin is now correctly available for both Male and Female Soldiers

  • Ensured that the minimum players mutator in Community Games remains the same as the previous selection when switching game size from 64/32 players, to 16

  • The Loose Part hairstyle is now correctly available to unlock via The Company

Player feedback

As always, we value your input, and we want you to reach out to us with feedback. For general feedback, please use our Battlefield V section on the Battlefield forums or join us on the Battlefield V subreddit and Discord

Should you encounter any issues or bugs we recommend that you report them on our Battlefield V – Answers HQ forum.

You can also reach out to our Battlefield Community Managers on Twitter if you have any further topics that you would like us to write about in future blog posts.

You can reach them on Twitter @PartWelsh and @Braddock512.

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