Prickskyttegevär 90

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The Prickskyttegevär 90 (Psg 90) is the current standard issue sniper rifle in the Swedish Armed Forces and has been since circa 1990. The Psg 90 has it's origins in the British Armed Forces trials to replace the L42A1 sniper rifle in the early 1980's; a trial that the two-man company Accuracy International won with their revolutionary PM (Precision Marksman) design. The AI PM rifle gained the designation L96A1 in British service and was adopted by 1982.

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare
In circa 1983, the Swedish army was looking to replace the Mauser-based Gevär m/41B in it's sniper rifle role and had taken interest in the British sniper rifle trials and the produce of those trials; the L96A1. In 1988, Sweden approached Accuracy International, expressing their interest for the AI PM platform and in a cooperative effort between Accuracy International and the Swedish Armed Forces developed what came to be known as the AW; Arctic Warfare.

The AW differs from the L96A1 in a number of minor, yet significant areas to improve it's performance in arctic conditions:
• A series of cut-outs in the back of the bolt to prevent ice build-up.
• Enlarged trigger guard, thumb-hole, magazine release, and bolt handle for use with thick arctic gloves.
• Grasping tabs at the bottom of the magazine for use with thick arctic gloves.
• The resin chassi panels were replaced with sturdier polymer.

Prickskyttegevär 90

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare was adopted in Swedish service in 1990 with a Swedish Defence Materiel Administration order of 800 rifles in October of the same year. 

For reasons unknown to me, the Swedish Psg 90 is in official documents from the Armed Forces listed as having a magazine capacity of only 9 rounds, as opposed to the AI claim of 10 rounds.

The Psg 90 system was issued with a Hensoldt 10x42mm MILDOT optic and was able to use the Swedish specialty ammunition 7,62/10 PRICK, a SLAP round based on the Winchester M948 SLAP ammunition.

7,62/10 PRICK

7,62/10 PRICK is a 7.62x51mm NATO sub-caliber cartridge used to extend the effective range of the Psg 90 from ca. 600-800m to ranges in excess of 1000m. The 7,62/10 PRICK ammunition is in international military parlance designated as a SLAP round (Saboted Light Armor Piercing). In official documents from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and Swedish Armed Forces, the ammunition is capable of penetrating 30mm of RHA at 100 meters and 5mm at 1000 meters. This would mean that even at ranges close to 450 meters, the 7,62/10 PRICK ammunition would be capable of penetrating the side of a Russian BMP-1 armored personnel carrier.

When using the PRICK ammunition, the muzzle brake must be removed so as not to interfere with the Sabot from the round. The round has an approximate muzzle velocity of 1340mps when fired from the Psg 90.

Prickskyttegevär 90B

In ca. 2011, the Swedish Armed Forces opted to conduct a REMO (Renovering och modifiering; lit. Renovation and modification) upgrade of an unknown number of Psg 90 systems to Psg 90B standard. The differences between the two are minor but significant:
• New folding-stock chassis.
• New Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50mm PM II optic.
• New Spuhr scope mounts with mounting interface for SIMRAD KN203 image intensifier.
However, the 90B retains the Weaver scope mounting interface as opposed to introducing Picatinny rails.


The Prickskyttegevär 90 is as previously stated internationally designated as the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare and has seen wide-spread special forces use, for example in British SAS units as the L118A1 and L118A2 during Operation GRANBY and Telic. 


The Prickskyttegevär 90, AI AW, is one of the most common sniper rifle platform in use to date when including it's subsequent developments into the AWP, AWM, and AWC platforms. 


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