[PS3][BF4] Recruiting Elite Players [XEcu] X-Ecutioners Clan

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[XEcu] X-Ecutioners Clan

We are recruiting Elite "Pro" players for BF4 on PS3. We have 3 XEcu Servers, two Operation Metro Maps 1400tickt and a new Operation Locker 1400tickt. We are team of Elite Players that play Conquest Operation Metro, we work together, we kick **** and absolutely domitate. Liike i said we are looking for "ELITE PLAYERS ONLY" Hit up the Founder Acehole1985/ SpartanLordKILLZ/ or Big_Daddy_-_69 if you are interested in joining. After you get in contact with the Admins, you will be put through try-outs and paired with other XEcu Players. We check your play style and co-op compatibility. Good luck.
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