BF4 won't launch through Battlelog.

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I've tried playing BF4 today but it doesn't work at all.
Everytime I open origin and press play on BF4 it opens Battlelog and then I select a server and it says that I must log in to origin, which I already have.
I have tried pressing "Start origin" and it nothing happens, it just says that it's waiting for origin to be ready.
I don't have adblock.
I have tried all browsers I own, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and my main one, Mozilla Firefox, but to no avail.
If I start Battlelog on a browser and press  "Start origin" before opening origin itself, simply nothing happens.
Nothing works, I've searched everywhere but all I can find was that you should disable some "plugin-free" setting, well, I tried that but it automatically reenables itself.
By the way, this happens if I try to play on community servers, official servers and test range.
Can someone please assist me? I have looked forward to BF4 all day and now I'm just upset.

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