Playing with High Ping Bites Really Hard



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    It is not suggested to use Satellite Internet for fast-action, multiplayer online shooters.
    You will have latency issues.
    So switching to it to fix your latency issues would just put you in the same boat, probably making it worst than your Hotspot currently, while spending more money.

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    doozer8385 wrote: »
    Anyone know what the best satellite internet is? I don't have cable internet available where I live (michigan, small town) and I'm forced to use my hotspot. My ping is usually 100-165 and it definitely sucks playing against people with 20-100 ping. Any help would be appreciated.

    Starlink satellite internet is the best because it uses low earth orbit satellites which allows pings of 50ms.

    I haven't tested starlink though, so I don't if it has packet loss.
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    Well some of you guys who I respect are indicated there is a sweet spot for ping and that maybe its 80ms.  i.e. its not always the best to have the lowest ping possible because of lag compensation optimizing everyone for 80ms (or whatever the lag compensated optimum ping is.)

    I've been thinking about this over these last few day will admit it could be possible.   I am still a little doubtful though when I think of having lightning fast internet and its not as good as the slow guy from far away because of lag compensation.   You would still think even with lag compensation that the lower ping guy should experience some kind of advantage in performance.    My experience is for sure that 40ms is much better than 100ms.  Maybe its because 40ms does better than 100ms in the lag compensated environment?   I don't know.  But maybe that's the reason for our differences in ping perception.

    Anyways, maybe 100ms sucks in the lag compensated environment more than 40ms does. 

    In any case, until I get to play at 80ms ping, I may never get to test this out myself.
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