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Well i bought a new laptop about a month ago and i've been getting 30-50 fps on the lowest graphics any ideas why?
RTX 2060
1x8 ddr4
kingston 500 ssd


  • OskooI_007
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    I'd start by downloading a program called MSI afterburner and checking the CPU and GPU temperatures. There's YouTube videos showing how to use MSI afterburner's on screen display in games.

    Your laptop has one ram stick of ddr4 memory. That means the ddr4 memory is probably running in single channel mode. You can double check for sure using a program called CPU-Z. You could try buying a second stick of RAM that's exactly like the one already inside your laptop (same model#). Then you would have two sticks of 8GB RAM and would be running in dual channel memory mode which boosts CPU performance a little, especially with low frame rates.
  • opsis_1
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    The cpu is the weak link at 4c/8t @2.4ghz all core. If that is a 1080p screen then low settings will be hurting your fps..best to run higher video settings.. ultra and try up to 130 res scale, this unloads the cpu. As mentioned above, adding another stick of ram for dual channel will help a bit..don't expect more than 10% though.  

    One simple thing that always helped out my fps when I was running a 3770k was to manually set the render ahead limit to 2. That alone gained me 20fps

    You can do this in game or with a config file. Either way.. the entry should read.

    RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 2

    You can experiment with different values from -1 to 2 and see how each effects performance. Once you detrmine that then just make a config file so it auto loads each time you start the game.


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