Please help me test ping in BF4.

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If you live in Hungary / Budapest,

please join a 64-player (with 60+ players in it) operation locker BF4 map (make sure the dedicated server is in Germany - you can see the flag in battlelog) and check your ping and tell me the results.

Try joining this server:

- #2| 24/7 Rock n Roll | LOCKER | No Explosives | EPS 60Hz

or any other 64-player locker server (Germany)

My ping is always between 120 and 130 when there are more than 30 players... My ping used to be 15-20 and my internet is FINE.
I'm sick of not knowing what the f... the problem is. I've tried literally everything. There's not a single thing left to do. 

The game is unplayable with a ping of 130.

Thank you so much...
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