Battlefield V - Xbox Hotfix 7.3.1

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Hey Folks,
Over the holidays we observed a rare issue that was negatively affecting players when joining full squads on Xbox only. To address this, we'll be releasing a small hotfix (expected size - 250MB) tomorrow morning. This hotfix is unique to Xbox and won't be required for players on PC or PlayStation.
Xbox players will be prompted to download this update once it goes live, and we'll work through our usual process of ramping down old servers throughout the day. There will otherwise be no downtime whilst we deploy this update.
  • Thursday January 14th 2021, 9AM UTC - Xbox Hotfix 7.3.1 (Approximately 250MB)
Thanks to those who helped report the issue to me over the holidays and welcome to a brand new year folks!
Freeman // @PartWelsh
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