Phantom Syndicate recruiting for BF1,BF4,BFH

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>:) Join (PSYN) (eSyn) Phantom Syndicate today and be a Phantom on the Battlefield! Phantom Syndicate is a large community of Battlefield fans from all over the world that has been dominating since 7/17/15. We support BF4, BFH and BF1. When you join you will be greeted by one of our dedicated leaders and you will be shown everything you need to succeed in PS (Phantom Syndicate). Our competitive squad (eSyn) regularly participates in platoon battles across BFH,BF4,BF1. We have a dedicated full list of leaders who are in PS to make our community organized and something to be feared by all other platoons. We wear our tags proudly and believe we are the best platoon in all of Battlefield! [REQUIREMENTS] PS4 only, MIC required. KDR-1.70 CPM-600, We are recruiting BF4 players with a KDR minimum of 1.40 and a SPM minimum of 400. If your stats are slightly under par we can arrange a try-out, please ask for one if you feel your stats do not represent your skill level. Once accepted ask about joining (eSyn) to be in our competitive squad if your stats and skills are good enough. We have two PS4 communities for you to join, a Facebook page, a website, multiple twitch streamers, and a unified community on the "Line" app on android/IOS. I hope you decide to join (PSYN) (eSyn) Phantom Syndicate today and be a part of the best platoon in Battlefield! Send a FR to one of our leaders and they can assist you in joining Phantom Syndicate
>:) You can apply directly at:
Or click on one of the links below to be directed to our platoon pages and apply!

>:) BF4 platoon page: -&-

>:) BFH platoon page: -&-

>:) BF1 platoon page: -- Also apply directly from the platoons tab in BF1 or on the official BF companion app!
>:) Visit Phantom Syndicate's website or platoon page on Battlelog and check out the links to our YouTube, facebook, twitter and twitch sites!
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