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Battlefield 4 UI Update Notes

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With the new Battlefield UI update recently rolled out to Battlefield 4 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are unifying the Battlefield franchise into one seamless experience.
Starting with Battlefield 4 and continuing with Battlefield 1, all future Battlefield titles will be housed under one single user interface. Squad up, check your stats, and get into the game faster with the new Battlefield UI!
Not only have we boosted the gaming experience, but we’re custom-tailoring YOUR Battlefield experience every time you log in.
Recommendation Engine - The Recommendation Engine will help push content to you that’s relevant – maybe you need some tips on Conquest, or you’re not quite there on Vehicles. We’ve got you covered.
Battlefield Community Videos - Most importantly, the content you’ll see to “up your game” isn’t from us – it’s created by gamers just like yourself – players from the Battlefield community.
Squad Join Improvements- Don’t play alone! As team play is an essential part of the Battlefield experience, the new UI will also let you know what your friends are up to – you can join and invite specific friends easily using the new Squad Creation option.

This is only the beginning with Battlefield 4 and there is much more to come for Battlefield 1. We want to hear your feedback, so make sure to join us on the official Battlefield forums at forums.battlefield.com and share your experience with the new UI in the relevant sections.

Thanks for joining us as we continue to evolve the Battlefield franchise and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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