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Anti-Tank Mines during WW1 - Why not in BF1 ?! (Video)

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Why not in BF1? Balance issues??

Since the Heavy Tanks are very powerful in BF1 (which should be the case), Anti-Tank Mines wouldn't disturb the balance, if the number of possible equipped mines fits and how powerful the mines would be. 2-3 Mines.
In Stream most of the players used assault class, simple because assault got 2 anti tank type weapons, the "Geballte Ladung" & the Anti Tank Launcher. I fear that if it stays like this too many people will run around with assault class. Therefore one of those 2 anti tank weapons could be taken away from assault and Anti Tank Mines could be given to an another class.


Some other Videos about some tanks:

British WW1 Heavy Tank Footage (2014)

German & British WW1 Tanks in Action (Tankfest 2013)
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