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Increase Damage Models, Bug Fixes, Overall Assessment...DICE (please have OBLIT. in final game!)

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Hello, as a BF player since BC1, which was the first shooter I ever played online, I have been in love with the BF series since then. (I am 37 btw...) I would like to assist in giving you my overall assessment of the game while also giving some bug issues that MAY or MAY NOT have been brought up, and some damage model ideas that I have also read in other threads. I am going to try not to write a book so here we go.

Damage Models for Tanks: Please have 3 dynamite destroy tanks. IT IS BAD ENOUGH THAT THE DYNAMITE DOES NOT STICK TO OBJECTS (something that was SOOOOO unique to the BF series, C4 trolling etc) This has saddened me greatly. It is hard enough to take the tanks out, and, increasing the model for the "C4" would help. Plus if you "could" make it "sticky" it could provide one more way for squads to take them out. This has already been said, I know. Also, please have the Anti-Tank Grenades (Assault) explode on impact when hitting vehicles. This could also help, because many times the tank is rolling away before you either can get the dynamite actually thrown or the ATG... It seems to me that the Tanks are NOT actually OP'ed, it has just become extremely hard to destroy them. e.g. I'M SURE we have seen folks go 40-0, 34-0, 44-1, etc with these tanks. PLEASE EXPLAIN how we are supposed to take "tank campers" out? STICKY DYNAMITE WOULD WORK!!! All other damage models (snipers) seem fine to me. Thanks

Bugs and just annoyances: As previously mentioned, the vaulting over some high rocky areas results in failure. The character goes through the vault animation, only to fall back down, BUT magically he can vault over 6ft. concrete walls? Please fix...ON RUSH, just happened last night, we were down to 2 tickets, I armed the MCOM, we WERE holding it down and all of a sudden THE ROUND ENDS!!! Another VERY unique feature of BF (latter) series is having the excitement of "just barely getting it" and moving up. PLEASE FIX. This is a HUGE oversight imo... I know this does not fall under the Bug category, but here is something else... WHY HAVE YOU MADE IT WHERE WE CANNOT GET BEHIND ENEMY LINES IN RUSH. You are limiting the map and STRATEGY. PLEASE FIX, as if you are deep in the enemy lines, it is very hard to get "ahead" without being killed in action. Party mode, as I am sure many have found out, when in a party, if another person on your team just happens to get dumped out of server, but, your friend wants to still play because the previous server is full, YOUR GAMEPLAY IS INTERRUPTED WITH A BLACK SCREEN MESSAGE TO "JOIN A FRIEND". Please fix. Other bugs: end of round does not always take you to the score screen, but you start looking at another round in session. On rush, server has only 24 slots, but on the score board at the end, we have 17 players on each team?

Overall Assessment: Overall, I feel like the gameplay is good. It DOES resemble Battlefront, in the menus, end of round, and even some explosions in game, look a little Battlefronty, and not Battlefield. I know, I know, not the same game, I get it. For the customization folks, they didn't make attachable scopes to just plug and play for weapons back then. That being said, it seems to be a welcome, sometimes frustrating, change to use most weapons as iron sights...(everyone else has to as well) The mechanics, sounds, realism, theatrical music in certain stages of the game, are ALL GREAT!!! I am worried that there is not enough customization in game to hold players for many years to come (see BF4)... We need more gadgets definitely! Don't know if this will be "unlocked" in the full game, but there are no slots available for more, like there are for guns... Then again, for the haters, I don't know what they were expecting... We had limited technology back then, so that in turn is going to limit what can be brought to the game, and heh, we still have BF4 as the best modern day shooter out there. Thanks for listening and to the forum. As for my little snippet about Obliteration above, it needs to happen! Hopefully in the full game. If you have not tried Oblit. on BF4, or only played a few times, please give it another chance. The gameplay is unique and intense IF all players, or most, or playing the objective. It takes some getting used to, but after playing for awhile, it becomes the ONLY mode you want to play... Peace to all.
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