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I have a collection of ideas for all Battlefield games, and would like to share them. I was reluctant before, but since I wont be creating a game anytime soon I just want to help my favorite game series. There are hundreds of ideas. Not all are good. Have fun!

Game ideas

Option to level up

Ejection seat for jets

Flat tires

Custom game mode for single player only, such as traffic stop/ checkpoint

Custom game modes for private matches only (invite only)

you pick your age and it comes this advantages and disadvantages
Such as more tired easier and less skills

Music like stays alive and another one bites the dust if score-streak

Dog crew support- rather than kill streak

Get info to buy weapons from prisoners

Unlock DLC so that supply drops are purchased to unlock the DLC

Don't make game dependent on you- Ramirez, on the roof only you can solve the puzzle is wrong

Genuine, not the the same experience, plus humor- find another way to escape if you mis helicopter

AI has to reload

No mandatory objectives

No regen after destruction

Interactive- get to cover *

Not levolution, but real destruction

Start mid action

Find ammo to survive

Record real life sounds and actions

Gun jam, mortar blow up on you

Know in secret area

Reload animation. Can fire leftover bullet without clip but longer reload.

More meaningful deaths

Moveable objects

$45 game

Stress level-heavy breathing, crying

Can call home

Platoon Game Mode- one big team, two platoons. Random IED's everywhere, have to infiltrate enemy facility

Order or request weapons- can sometimes get weapons free, or you buy it with budget for drop off next deployment

Play as different roles in campaign (handler, medic, etc), get rated based on actions like give a dog the bone or throw the bone at him


Health doesn't regenerate until 30 sec after bullet hits you

Microphone- if shot fired in its radius, enemy location is picked up

Surveillance- small radar around you

Focus- hip fire

Flashed and stunned enemies show up {Weapon perk: shows direction facing}

Get notified if enemy places equipment

Fireproof- less damage to fire, then immune

Classic weapons and attachments like bayonet (dlc? War of 1812!)

Protect vehicle until enemy destroys it

Drop flare for ammo to be dropped, or run back to home base

If you play one match a day for a month you get a reward maybe you have experience form using the gun for a while

VSAT that shows when firing

Camera like black ops 1
Camera that sees all above and in front and below, but not side
{Weapon perk: side sweep}

Motion sensor

Perk where you don't get direction shot at

Sniper at bank

Get points for jumping on grenade
Get points for killing someone near teammate- protector

Interactive mud like spin tires

Cruise control so 2 cars can drive at once by 1 person or car can drive while on passenger, but no driver. Can shoot pistol or explode c4 while driving

Changing tides

Driving through grass leaves tire trails

Driving in dirt leave tire marks

Music eye of the tiger

Bullets hurt more when you have lower health

Every person has the same health, so when one person takes damage everybody does: mode

Weld doors shut

Can disarm enemy

Certain equipment can fit into pocket, Machine gun can't fit in pocket but a pistol can

Plane being hijacked on way to base campaign (marshal). When at airport people bump into you, find charger for phone, yell at you

Damage percentage perk- do 50% of damage rather than just 50 damage (Poison Tip), or maybe perk

Steal coke- really cans

-Turn criminal in who just saved someone WWYD
-Caring meter
-toughness meter

Rescue Children- ask name says she can't talk to strangers

-List of ops to choose from- not a set direction
-Doing certain missions first to level up certain can be beneficial
-Regulate by certain missions require certain level of experience

See how many people are watching each channel- angry points and stuff disconnect

First spawn jump out of plane & vehicles are auto driven out

Gas mask can see gas

Slow motion

Award for fast shot- in car then shoot sniper example

2 125m head shots equals one 250 headshot perk

Scope that auto scouts everything in the scope to a distance (X-ray). Does one damage per second because of radiation

Heat seeking tip- auto hits if miss by 1 foot/ 1 meter. Depends on distance. Perk.

Searches before you enter

Cannot spawn if in screen view

Everyone has a bag of money. Whichever team has most to other side wins (Mixed Up Mode)

Knife button is harder to click

Can choose random combo of stuffs

Invisible while still perk- can't be spotted

(camo) gecko thing camo where you blend into everything perk

Throw a grenade where an x or check mark pops up if anyone in area.
Add perk to this grenade (weapon Perks) to show dots of distance

Charged every game for equipping a certain weapon

Make custom camo

Weapon perk- long barrel, then longer barrel

Make attachments, melt steel whatever

Revolver shotgun

Naked gamed mode- no attachments allowed

Like dogtags, but hold on to something where they can't spawn or something like that

Once you die with a weapon, you cannot use that one again

Head shots do double damage
Can get helmet to only do 1.5

Everyone has a bunker and they try to protect it. Team with most bunkers win. Reward for housing every bunker
Either spawn with one, or claim one.
Can't claim team ones

Auto switched to other team for balance? Become traitor?

Vote for kick/dishonorable discharge

Perk where you can throw grenade while shooting (gun perk/ multitask)

Weapon wear- damaged, unrecoverable

Upgrades to pay for but cause no extra weight

Legs feet less damage. Feet hit max damage, then you just limp and foot shots don't do anything

Taxing- ride on someone's back


Pre order is cheaper


Kill streak kills don't add to your points for another streak

Streak for having like 20 kills, wether you died or not

Mode where you pick up each other streaks, person with the most at end wins. Like dog tags, but you drop all of them. Can pick your own streak up again. discourages snipers even though they die less

Sensor grenade is not wall hack (can't see through walls) but does highlight enemy. Not on radar tho

Use car doors as cover

Get extra points for shooting cars around objective. If your car is near objective, you get "capture kill" points

Grease monkey

Roadblock bonus- get points for setting up, and stopping entrance. Other team gets points if they get through

Hang on helicopter legs, jump in window of car

Knee protection

Suicide vest

View camera view on teammates head, or maybe hack into enemies.
Perk where you can't be hacked into

Campaign- choose to be chief or just a unit. Direct people or fight

The more health you have the more damage you do

Grappling hook- onto helicopters, or get a line down to the ground

If you start spinning it plays right round like a record baby

Can't spawn until everyone else on your team dies

Impact Grenade

Clear speed and altitude indicator

Locks onto vehicles and helicopters, but can't free fire.
Locks on to people- keep lock and does more damage. Free fire only

Circuit board camo, card camo,

Knifing does double points

Call perks body

Car dealership map

Dawnbreaker sniping spots

Camera- if you take a picture of someone they die

Paintball camo

Mount laser trip mine too gone

Distraction points

Rather than snap, pop. Sniper

Least team deaths

You can only kill people that you don't spot. Person must be spotted for you to kill them

When quit (retreat) you must go to a location

If no one is spawned, team gets abandonment and loses

Can drive past play area, but it is an endless road/ desert. Screen gets dark? (Noise, turns but not
Moving). Big map disabled at this point, one little map is all red, it just moves (really isn't)

Mode- go out of play area- teleports to other side (like pac-man)

Square coyote sight
PK-AS sight

Bullet hole as hole in dog tag

Obliteration type mode

Handle perk- would next to vehicle run faster

Motion line- like laser trip mine, but just spots them for like 10 seconds

Position is revealed when moving

Motion sensor like black ops 1

Gain a lot of money fast like Battlefield hardline

The closer you are to an objective the more it captures

Normally told one spotted, perk so that other people are not told when you spot them

Override perk. Option instead of allowing the perk for you it just overrides the perk if someone else is using it

Near player auto knifes

Bow and arrow

RPG that can be free fired, but not controlled. Locks on to people

Break human lock/spot perk

RC rocket (camera attached)
Perk- more fuel/ better electronics

Safety on gun

Laser sight
Perk- flashlight/dot

Mode. Every had a person they are trying to kill. Can't kill anyone but that person. Players don't chase each other (ex. If p1 chases p2, p2 can't chase p1) (hit man)

Mode. King- one person (king) everyone tries to kill. Become king if u kill him. Free life if u stab the king. First person to kill someone becomes first king.

Vote for a map- can choose to go another server with that map in case this server plays a diff map,

Perk-immune system, can't be tagged for 15 sec

Mode. 1 clip for whole game

The lighter you are, the faster you are. Ex. Default ninja class with only knife. No speed perk. Weapon perk- jump higher

SRAW- turn speed perk

Elevators mode. Each team has a set of elevators. Try to disable each teams elevators. Spawn at bottom, must rise to the top

Teleport (Memory Loss) go back 3 seconds in time. Resets when you die

Survival gun- shoots survival pen

Play dead

Pentagon map. Flag in middle

Perk- hold more weight

Mode. Teammates are see/walk through. Ghost team

Extra sights in back pack

Mode. Waves- teammates spawn in wave only when an obj is captured, or if a certain amount of points is gained

If you kill someone within two seconds of spawning you kill them but don't get a point for it

Auto fire when switch to pistol

Obj has question mark- don't know if captured or not

Can only spawn on teammate- if all die, game over

Random obj points- must find them

Max 2 sec wait before spawn

Smoke comes from barrel

Most valuable player

Still on objective 30 seconds after capture get extra points
Defense bonus

Have to buy bullets and clips. If tactical reload, throw away mag. Mags/ bullets take up so much space in backpack. Can't have loads.

Battle Pack= vault/ vault key

Self guided bullets
Must hold spot button
Cost more

Water park map

Predict how an enemy will die/ recommend

Think of buttons controller

Have to be out of combat for 30 sec, but get 100% Heath and 20 percent less damage for a certain time. Health pack.

Find bronze, bronze silver, gold, platinum, black, white suitcases
Randomly placed for each client. Make this into the map for spots.

People have to stay on obj or it goes neutral

Medkit heals slower as it hits higher numbers

You get points for every kill they got since you revive them

Gun kill streak equals gun upgrade after certain amount of kills

See footsteps

Pick up everyones kills like dog tag

U.S. Monuments. Mount Rushmore

Equipment that you place. Get notification when enemy on area. (Red dot not motion sensor) can blow up?

Make weapon. You choose the damage, but it lowers the accuracy etc. can be based on a point system. Cost slot of money.

Explosion ringing ear

Instead of grenade, press button to switch to explosive tipped bullets

Revive gun

Camera grenade

Closer you are to flag faster it captures


Attachment unlock coin

Faster you revive someone, the more Health they get.

200 health but only regenerate up to 100 or no regeneration

Can't lay down while shooting

Play dead with less than 10 health

Switch classes like BFH but opens drop down menu

Life preserver. Scope and boat gadget

Water white type things.

UPS map and USPS

Final kill cam shows weapon used

Mode. No points for driving around, points for killing. Points for running around. Bumper car map expansion

Grenade shoes. Must fall from higher than a jump for them to activate

Different game modes every day

Sniper that does 99 damage. Pistol does 1 damage

Head shots do 1 extra damage?

Snow plow
Snow mobile
Polar bear
Night maps

Agario mode. Ranks.

Real general. More points for killing him. Actual ranking. 1pt for privates and 10 for generals. To make casual players more intersted. Actual general to give.orders

Scope cover to remove sight glare from sun
Scope Glares for other people to see

Once you capture a flag, either you or your whole team dies

Heat grenade- melts gun and turns vision red

4 eyes perk- see behind you for 5 seconds. Or rear view mirror

Barren. A ww3 game

New weapon every other week for free

Either no notification when the enemy is taking the base, or you can't Spohn on an objective when it is contested or under attack. Only happens when there is less than one teammate that has the captured flag on the base (no one)

Friendly tank on fire cannot kill you

Can spawn on any team member

You can only heal up to 100 points of damage per life. Prevents people from going on a 50-0 streak

Only have to watch credit animation once

Can only shoot mortar if an enemy is spotted in the location that you're trying to shoot

Restrict certain weapons on certain maps

Hardcore. Have to wait until first grenade exploded before you throw another one
Person that just killed you gets auto spotted
One flag mode
After you kill someone you stay on the radar for 30 seconds
Can only spawn on someone that is the same class as you
Friendly fire bullet ricochet
No hit marker
No kill feed

Can only be in spawn area for 10 seconds, unless you just died. Or 1
Min allowed

BF4 and BFH controls

Enemy grenade glows red

Easter egg. "Lost" computer that must have the code to put in.

Four digit code that must be put in community try to crack it

Request a revive

Shows how many enemies of teammates are on the flag

Domination- must capture every flag

If a teammate just spawned on a spawn beacon, and a teammate spawns on that teammate within 5 seconds, The person that put the Beacon gets points

Must locate enemy satellite and destroy it. To locate you must go to the enemy teams computer and press x. The computer is trying/testing to locate the satellites coordinates. Takes about seven seconds. Must do this is around 9 to 11 times. Once located, use your computer to destroy the enemy satellite

Guns silenced by default

Copy enemy files from different hq's. Each HQ gives a different data. The will HQ give the same data every time
Must collect each data and put it onto your computer. Team can steal their data back. Call it hacked

Infected mode like COD ghost

Must find bomb and detonate it.
If the teammate fails to detonate it, the bomb is put in new location

The first kill of the game will spawn a flag where the enemy died. Once the flag is captured, the next person to die will spawn a flag on their death spot. So on and so forth

Get supply drops for holding a flag for a certain amount of time/points. 1m=1,000pt bonus 4m = 1+2+3= 6,000pt, or just 4,000. Or 1k every min, 2k every 2 min hmmmm *******

One teammate must be a juggernaut for 1 uninterrupted minute before it switches to another teammate. Protect him. If he has no deaths, you get extra points. The juggernaut gets a deduction of points for dying. Juggernaut always spawns near biggest cluster of teammates. Can also be VIP rather than juggernaut.

Mode. Cage match. 1v1. Other players can watch. Party disabled. Loose points for no one dying. 1 minute timer. Winners go against racist her until one player is left. Crown Victor is a good name.

Hunger games type mode. A supply drop for people get guns ammo and gadgets. Players can trade with one another.
Version 2- you to your guns and stuff and fight it out until one person is left

Once someone dies, they can choose to send a supply drop to the person with the least amount of points

Different modes unlocked at different ranks

Microphone attachment. See people using suppressor on your radar. Icon shows up as black.

Tracker bullets- when shot into people they show up on the radar until they die.

Fireball launcher- catches any vehicle on fire. Explodes on impact, and sticks to metal. Like a SRAW

Multi-task/Runner perk. Reload and fire while sprinting.

Grenade explosions show up on mini map

Blast suppressor perk- grenade explosions don't show up in mini-map

People don't like place and forget explosives

Take a fourth score streak

Animal trap pickup for maps with polar bears and other animals

Equipment batteries can die

Time bomb- press x to teleport back to this point. To balance, you don't lose your cool since you placed it, but you lose your points since you placed it

Achievement- kill 20 players that spawned from a spawn beacon

Achievement- kill 20 players while stunned

Achievement- (bullseye) stick 20 players with a grenade

Impact grenade on explodes on impact if it hits a person

Space map- 2 rounds, moon and ISS

Sound gun/attachment make a high pitched noise player at enemy
Earmuffs(earplugs) to counteract

Strobe grenade- emits a lot of light in an area; like a flash grenade but jus in the areas placed. Sunglasses to counteract.

Score streak that allows you to choose where on the map you would like to spawn.

Camera spike hack- show same image for 2 seconds. Cost points or whatever

Confusion/colt blind perk- make your name show up as green for 2 seconds. Or, make enemies teammates show up as red for 5 sec

Gadget that slows enemy down for 2.5 seconds. Slow motion

Equipment that can only be moved, not re-equipped

Camera spike goes static when shot and a red light flashes
Look up or down to handle angle of camera

Graffiti, money, paintball,hacker(green numbers), popcorn, gum ball, pepperoni, camouflage

Net gun to trap large bundles of enemies

Harpoon pickup to kill sharks

Fingerprint security- weapon does not work when an enemy picks up your weapon. Perk.

Minefield score streak. Cover a small area with invisible mines

Defensive score streaks

Score streaks that apply to the whole team

Hard wired perk- equipment resistant
to EMP, and have more health

Firewall- either resistant to hacks or to fire

Bomb squad

Pirate DLC

score streak that increases the range or damage of your weapon

Weapon expert perk- better accuracy. Obtain by winning every game mode on every map with every gun

Re supply perk- throw flare and get ammo for your weapon in a crate dropped down. Helicopter drone (small helicopter)

Interactive HUD that moves around as you do

Vehicle racing- race with enemy, winner reveals enemy positions for 1 minute

Medic has to hand heal, and hold bag, can just throw down unlimited health

Realism mode. No HUD, mini-map when infantry, or team names. Only different country suits help you detect. Drastically different suits.

Bored option- race, parkour, jumps
Water ski, tubing

Extra points for revive accept

Only one revive allowed, or loose 10 Heath from maximum capacity. Ex: one revive equals max of 90 health
Whatever yo revive them at is their max health

Option to only play the maps you select

Rented server support
Choose guns allowed
Turn off destruction

Three lines of text when an enemy is killed. Shows weapon you killed them with in front of the enemy name in [brackets] (middle line)

Protector points- received if you killed an enemy near a teammate. Do this 200 times for an achievement

If killed an enemy shooting at a teammate get a savior bonus on top of protector points

Show distance you shot the person(s) from on the top line

Look at different BF right HUD's

Assist at 51+ damage counts as kill

Head shots auto death? Only if it is the first bullet to come out of the gun
Heart shots auto death?

Hunter bonus- say an enemy is at 80 health. You get 120 points for killing him. 20 for the unclaimed assist points, and 100 just for the kill. You killed a survivor that survived 20 Health damage. Or the person that put the 20 health damaging to them gets those points. Maybe only 80 point for killing him.

Destructible bridges

Ability to apply camp to all weapons, all vehicles, and all knives/air vehicles, and accessories

Coins the bounties then

Mode where you try to hand cuff the whole other team, while other team can un-handcuff their players. Kind of like freeze tag.

Incentive to use iron sight

High boots so that head shots are easier

Heat sensor immunity- fans in suit

Range finder sniper

Separate balance for pc and console

Weapon/car they were using is on the right side

HUD is just glasses

Shark skin for boats

Health display- if half of an enemy body is red, they are at 50%.
This makes players with lower health easier to spot

Level match: either rank up or get demoted
Warm up round

Each teammates clear body is a different color

Promotions- skip a level up

Penalized for using a certain weapon with a certain class

Receive missions to complete during gameplay for extra points

Ranking system. There are 52 levels. Each player is assigned a card of the deck. You try to make a deck. To do that you must kill every type of card a certain number of times. Once you do all that you become a joker. Jokers can be any card you wish.

If you kill someone with a headshot, they cannot be revived

Revive auto jumps health up to 90 then 80 etc

Get points for absorbing damage with tank

Siege of Shanghai skyscraper as its own map

Spawn in create that fall from the sky

Tells you which c4 got the kill

Specialty points for killing someone with a repair torch or defibrillators

Game mode where arming the bomb takes three people

Can't revive a knife

Points for killing every person on the team

Auto spot bullets

One person on each team can be a spy
Team logo just has a red circle with line over it

News vans and news choppers

Engine kill- once anatomy starts driving the engine shuts off and the doors lock. A mechanic would have to repair torch it to unlock it.


Pillows on beds in houses that you can pick up to smother people with

Hop in backseat of car and wait for enemy to get in

Revive enemy- Red circle above head instead of blue. Be more cautious when excepting revive. Can interrogate someone after you revive them.

Grapple onto vehicles

Desert eagle with no attachments is called a bald eagle

Choose which side do you want to take the victory in campaign

Switch between characters in campaign

See inside of tank- must open hatch to get out- don't forget to lock it. See what you would in real life

Hijack helicopters- jump in, knife the driver

When revived only pistol

Don't have to get out to repair

line/Queue for entering vehicles

Because that require multiple people to drive


Each team jumps out of a helicopter and parachutes down

Vest that shows what class you are
Bullets around neck- support
Hospital plus- medic
Scope- sniper
Wrench- engineer
Green yellow red blu

Air mines

Runway for jets

Multiple helicopters
One person helicopters

Team death match with vehicles

Life jackets on boats

Flare- can be locked on to

Water/floating c4

Revive grenade that shoots out a bunch of revive needles

Lock to lock doors- must blow open door to get in, or pick lock.

Pay in game money to put clear cover and case that falls from sky
Can be cut by glass

One case has rockets to fly

Grenade with rocket on it.
Flies to nearest enemy

Use car door as shield

Spark grenade

Choose buttons you use. Ex- map A to be flares

Custom kill cam videos

Can't knife unless there is a destroy able object or person within knifing distance from you

If you leave more than two games in the day you get demoted

Must be a certain rank to fly jets and helicopters
Must go through flight training
Water plane

Game like mad murderer

One chance mode. Once u die no playing it ever again

Team mode. Warning comes up if try to wonder away from team.

Choose branch of military

Each team has a certain amount of objects. Goal is to steal the other teams, and bring it back to yours. Can only kill enemy when you on their side. Team with most objects at end wins.

Even mode- stats reset once a month
Daily leaderboard leader.

Grenade camouflage

Smoke un-spots people

One gun per level. Either random, or choose. Once use weapon can't use again.

Fake dead body- deploy a hologram that looks like your dead body

Online PAP

Air rifle

Firing range

To gain control of area- all enemies must be eliminated- no contested *.
When base goes neural from no one being on it, the team that did have it can still spawn on the vehicles.

Question mark on radar where enemy was last spotted

Location box- a long, b long, etc.

Damage given- shows all damage given to other players

10 points for each kill streak
Ex 2k= 20 points extra
Ex 7k= 70 points extra

Shows your points

Scope with body part indicator

Dry fire- no auto reload

Game mode- kill players to put them on your team. Team with most players, or that captures all players wins.

If there are less players on one team than they have more HP than the others

Knife only mode


Have to be a certain distance away from someone to be able to talk to them
need radio to talk farther away

Loading Screen- DVD logo (Oink) bouncing around
-You control it?
-Points for making it into corner

At end off game press x. If you don’t all data is cleared and you must restart. (Obviously get an achievement) (Different achievement for each button pressed) (different achievement for difficulty level)
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