Universal Weapons in BF1

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Why are we losing features as we go forward in time with games? We lost a LOT with hardline and the game was mostly a joke with a good name on it.

Now we've lost attachments, but they promise to make up for it with weapon tuning and such in the full game to change weapons' roles.

We've also lost something huge. The ability to have different weapon types in a single class. I play as a support in every game as I'm more of a defensive player and like to get to points and be able to hold off a lot of enemies. I get bored with the lmgs sometimes though, so it's ben nice to be able to have an extra kind of weapon to switch to and use (we've been able to since I started playing the series with bad company 2. I can't even use a semi-auto or a shotgun as a support though, so I lose interest pretty quickly.
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