Banned for committing NO cheating

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I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Kinda hard to navigate sometimes.

Before I get into the lengthy description, I DO NOT CHEAT. Especially in multiplayer. I want things to be fair. And honestly there is no way to prove anything in this case, I am just hoping this reaches the right people. In any we go.

Was making mad kills in a Noshahr Canals TDM 32 max player count. Right before the ban hammer, I was 68 - 18. 3 - 1 KDR roughly. I do agree that I may have been far too OP compared to the other players, and circumstances just seemed far too unlikely. The server had no rank level restriction or any rules besides "Respect admin." Which I did. Only crimes that happened were getting banned without my day in court, and being too good I guess. It was one of those days where you feel invincible I guess. I'd like to dispute the ban, I probably would have never gone back to the server anyways, but I would have preferred to just talk with the admin. Unfortunately, Battlelog is decades behind everyone else in its inclusive ability to allow players to communicate easily and effectively. As far as I can tell, the only way to communicate with other players is only if you're friends with them.

Okay, no biggie, just find the admin then and add as friend. Nope. Admins are hard to find. Some don't have the tag that indicates their association with the server. Sometimes those are just clan members. Even if I did find them, you think they're gonna accept a friend request from someone they assumed was cheating? More than likely not. Also, you can't message the server or anything like that. There's no forum for that specific server, (E.G. recruitment threads for the server)

No way to contact admin via friend request, or any way at all if you're not friends.
No way to contact server
No way to find anyone worth communicating with who can help you communicate with those in charge.

I'd post the server, what good would that do. Plus I think someone once said you're not supposed to or something.

Finally, rectifying this issue would be instrumental in helping admins keep their servers clean of cheaters. Server is running and no admins are on? Just message the server or the admin with a couple clicks and BAM!!!! The admin is now aware of a player who could be cheating in some way.

Nah, let's keep it confusing and impossible. Cheers!

This is in no way an admission of anything illicit. No actual violation of the terms of service or rules of server were violated in any way.


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