[EU] Looking for focused team/clan needing a new recruit

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So as a bit of backstory and a potential reason why I may not be as experienced as you may like but still have the stats of an extremely experienced player, I have been mainly a PC gamer for the last 9 years and I have been on multiple semi-professional and professional Counter-Strike teams. Throughout my CS:GO career, I have put up a 1.21 rating and until May 2016, where I quit CS:GO, I have played consistently at the Global Elite rank which is the highest possible level outside of third party clients such as Faceit or ESEA.

This means that I have consistently played at an extremely high level for most of the time that I have been playing games and I have made a fairly smooth transition over to the Xbox One, achieving a 2.35 K/D and a 1100 SPM as of 09/09/2016 and I hope that despite my lack of experience, a med-high level team will see me as a player that already has a high skill level and a player that can be moulded into an even better player if given a good leadership and being placed among other good players.

I have played BF4 on PS4 and achieved a 1.76 K/D although I believe that I have progressed significantly during that time.

I am only looking to join a European-based team so I can get the best ping possible, I am also only looking to join a team with high standards and only recruiting players with a high skill level that communicate well. I am not interested in joining a community.

I usually roam around the map on offense, killing enemies from behind on popular chokepoints to allow my teammates to get to the objective. I also like to use this style of play because it creates confusion and frustration among the enemy teams, however on defense I play very close off angles to stop the enemy team from getting to the objective that they are targeting


TL:DR Very good player only looking for EU team, add me if you have a very good team looking for a new recruit


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