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Hi All,

As outlined above, I am unsure what's the difference in performance between 1060 6GB graphics card and a 1070 8GB card. I mean the latter sounds better, but is it really worth the extra £££? . I am unsure whether Skylake processors DO REALLY give a good boost to performance like the articles say. I don't know whether AMD R9 is actually better than 1060. And so forth. So it's a real tough choice.

I have a budget in mind of approximately £1,000 for a gaming rig. Ideally, I'd like to settle for the below option because it's so much cheaper and I can get a really kick **** monitor for £400, but it doesn't seem "future proof" and will I be able to max out Battlefield 1 playing at 1440p at 60-80 fps? What do I need to do that?

I would really appreciate some advice, suggestions, links to pre-built rigs etc. I do wish to just buy and not have to put one together myself, but if you know where it works out cheaper - please let me know. I'd love to switch to PC gaming prior to release, but I doubt I'll be able to. I will be getting a 4K monitor so I wouldn't have to upgrade anytime soon, so I was looking to allocate £300,-400 for that. So the above option looks great because I can fit it into £1100, but I am willing to spend up to £1000 on the rig itself if someone can please build a strong case and explain the difference in performance between something like the above set up and something higher.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it. :)

P.S. I've got general knowledge and this seemed like the best value for money. I mean an 8GB 1070 !

Thanks again !


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    Or for the sake of £100, is this a better option than any of the above? YOur options and links are super welcome too !
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    I'd suggest reading "Custom PC" magazine to get an idea on what's out there and comparitive performance and visit their forums.
    I got a pre overclocked bundle from where you can create your own custom build and have them build if for you. it wasn't much more expensive then buying all the componants seperately. Plus you get a decent warrenty and don't need to worry about messsing up your hardware with a dodgy overclock.
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    I would like to give you a few suggestions. 1) never buy a pre built gaming rig, building a PC is very easy and prebuilts are a rip off 2) get a better/faster cpu. 3)don't buy anything until you know what all the terms and specs mean.
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