Battlefield 1 Rental Server Program

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What is the Rent a Server Program for Battlefield 1?

This will let you set up your own private and public Battlefield 1 servers, with control of different gameplay options to map rotations. Thanks to these customization options, you’ll be able to create games that suit the play style for you and your friends.

How do I rent a server?
You will be able to rent a server through the in-game store of Battlefield 1.
In the past, servers were handled by third-party companies – now, EA is providing them directly. We think this will benefit you in several ways. First off, we will be able to secure the quality of the actual hardware. Since the servers come from the same provider, it will give everyone the same uniform experience. Furthermore, if you have questions or need help, you will be able to reach out to EA Support directly instead of third party support.

When will I be able to rent servers?
You will be able to rent servers close after the launch of Battlefield 1. Stay tuned for a more exact date.

What customization options will the players have?
On a rented server, players will be able to customize gameplay aspects like server name, map rotation, game mode, various game play settings, and more. We might restrict number of game modes available at launch and gradually enable them based on feedback and other circumstances, but you can expect that we’ll keep adding customization options and UI design throughout 2016 and beyond.

What does renting servers cost?
Rental server costs will vary depending on the length of your rental and whether you’re playing on PC or console. Stay tuned for exact pricing info.

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