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Hey everyone. I am a seasoned player of all the battlefield games. I am on at least 3 times a week for large amounts of time. I was part of a Platoon for battlefield 4. This was disbanded and i started one of my own with a few close friends. I am looking to join a group with some positive players. PTFO please! Messing around and have a good time is fine! I also am looking for this group to go into battlefield one. It was awesome to play when it was on beta and i feel like it is going to be amazing with a strong platoon. I am in the USA and play mostly at night but my job is crazy so i have days to play early too. Please send me a message if you are interested in adding me on. Also I made a new account on PlayStation so i had to rebuild my character. I was a 145 now im 44 and focusing on **** things to enjoy the game! See you guys on the battlefield!
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