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Hello all,

I am looking for a platoon that actively plays together. I generally play as a medic, however I never mind playing other classes. I always play hardcore game mode, never normal battlefield. I also play the objective as many people like to hear, but really I've been playing conquest on Battlefield games since 1942, so naturally I point my squad towards objectives that cut off our bases from the main base and to push the line of bases further out. If I am not the squad leader I always follow my leader. To me, this is how you win. I could care less about my stats, I play to win and be a good video game soldier.

I am also currently a member of the 722 platoon, as well as one inactive group and a small group of my friends from high school. 722 is an excellent group, and currently is my most active one, however we mainly play together on the 722 server and I have yet to communicate with anyone in 722 with a mic. I only play with ASH Street Hit Squad occasionally, whenever my friends from high school are playing. This is why I am looking for a group that is active and a little more involved for my third group, as my current group fulfilling this role is inactive.

About me:
(1) I play bf4 on the ps4 on hardcore only.
(2) I am 27 years old.
(3) I live in North Carolina
(4) I am college educated.
(5) I live with my girl friend who sometimes gets on my playstation, therefore it is not always me online when Dave2993 is online.

If anyone feels their platoon plays hardcore battlefield and is active, add me and let me know! I'd definitely appreciate an invite and will do my best to uphold/add to the reputation of the group.


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  • AgileHarrier
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    Hey I play on the 722 server too. It has such a great map rotation and the players on that server are always great.

    If you want to squad up sometime then you should add me. I'll give you my PSN via private message.
  • DrKlevyn
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    Not to steal your thread but I'm interested in joining a squad as well. Not an excellent player but I do play the objective. Send a message & I'll be glad to play.
  • Dave815
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