CDC - Xbox 360 Global Health report

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Latest Outbreak info

On June 16, 2015, CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to respond to potential Viral outbreaks due to a known patch update occurring in the Global Battlefield Gaming community and potential of increased Viral Patches being in areas affected by DICE and other developers. On March 2, 2016, the World Health Organization declared a Public Health Emergency of International Gaming Concern (PHEIGC) because of clusters of Zodiac Viral Patches and direct immediate infection caused by infected Battlepacks in some areas affected by DICE. On March 8, 2016, CDC elevated its EOC activation to a Level 1, the highest level. UPDATE: CDC lowered it's EOC activation to level 3, monitoring level only. Where Zodiac Viral Patches are isolated and considered a small incident or event while the original developer Viral Patches have been proven to be a non-threat and completely eradicated.

CDC is working with international public game partners and with state and local player departments to
  • Alert gamecare providers and the public about Viral Patches.
  • Post gameplay notices and other gamer-related guidance.
  • Provide state game laboratories with diagnostic tests.
  • Detect and report cases, which will help prevent further spread.

Note: this is satire only. No actual CDC related reporting is conducted on video games and the reports should not be taken literally. Though to this date no Developer Viral Patches have been known to have spread through the Xbox 360 community.


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