What was the hardest to gain assignment patch you have unlocked?



  • garaaage2
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    BillyHoWCR wrote: »
    And I always enjoy getting me some Ballistic Shield kills. As I feel they really show a certain level of "Yeah... I just killed you with that!" feeling to them. :D

    I get that feeling x10 when I kill someone with the zipline. :D
    My highlight was a double kill with a zipline XD
  • FrankTheTank1974
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    Unit-RX400 wrote: »
    Getting the Inquisitor Sword Red (Sword & Board Syndicate) took a bunch of time and effort.
    Yes, that was hard. Not the sword kills (that was easy), but the takedowns. Sadly the TEC doesn't count for this (which would be very easy), but you have to use a blunt weapon and attac someone from behind. Not my cup tea ...
    BillyHoWCR wrote: »
    V2Face wrote: »
    Enforcer + ammo box and TDM on the block the best place to grind for gas, incendiary and frag kills for rubber arm

    I would toss in my vote for actually near any Bloodmoney game. Much easier to get any required grenade kills simply by spamming the money pit.

    And for those that say gas and molotov are too difficult to get kills... simply toss a bullet or two into the masses of people to weaken them enough for the grenade to finish them off. Easy to do with enough practice and earning such kills becomes less of a chore.

    Bank Job Bloodmoney is nice for this if you are on the criminal side. When you are at the money stack there are often cops camping in the way that leads to the stack. If you notice one and throw a grenade then you often even get a double kill, becuase they are often camping there as a pack.

    Another nice thing of Bank Job Bloodmoney is that you easily can get shield kills. They often try to steal the money from your vault (because they need the assignment, they are keen on the extra money they get from stealing your moeny or just does'nt want to loose the round because the other team has more money in their vault). Just rush in with your shield (for protection) and bash them to death, because they don't have a to way to escape between the counter and the wall (this normaly works in 95% of al cases, except someone else throws in a grenade or shoots the RPG).
  • steezemcqueen1
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    bankjob bloodmoney is amazing love it ;)
  • Unit-RX400
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    edited November 2016

    Another one of the DLC Syndicate Assignments that I actually enjoyed. I thought it was going to be hard but totally smashed people in games running purely Inquisition Sword and for the most part coming out with some good kill counts. (though some less populated servers can possibly assist in that kill ratio?)

    As example a couple games running said sword:

    People differ. Up to that point I used shield only as rear-end cover or sometimes for spotting snipers through it's visor (so that team could see them as well).Even then, often used Tactical Helmet instead of Shield.

    Never have used melee much and generally if I can choose between using blade on someone and shooting him, I'll do the latter. It's faster and more efficient. So chasing people trying to get shield kills was rather annoying for me. Sword felt slow and clumsy compared to stuff like Karambit I often get attacked by. I still carry sword around, it avoids getting "stuck" in dog-tag-taking animation (and it's instant killer) when I should already fight next person nearby and on certain maps I do not have usable pistol in loadout (carrying tracking gun instead for helos).

    When I need silent take down and map allows for it, i'll use silenced M1911 or 45T. **** messing around with melee when I don't strictly need it. Common scenario in 64p servers - grab somebody's tags and get shot yourself..
  • hcarhcarhcar
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    Pre patch syndicate assignments were kind of difficult. But of course they bent the knee to the casual crowd and made them braindead easy.
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