[BAMB] Bamboozle Company - Casual but Competitive Platoon

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Hi, I'm redline2400, one of the founders of the Battlefield platoon Bamboozle Company. Are you tired of looking around for a platoon to run with, only to find a bunch of MilSim platoons and platoons with a bunch of restrictions? Well look no further, as I present to you...BAMBOOZLE COMPANY!

As the name would suggest, we are nowhere close to some super-serious always online MilSim or competition-spec platoon. Instead, we look to provide members with a relaxed, casual place to meet up with other players of the game. Now, being "casual" doesn't mean we don't play the objective - and we very much do run for flags and arm/defuse MCOMs - but it does mean we are not going to be like "I spot eight bogeys seven mikes out, over" over the chat. Really, all we look to do is to enhance your online playing experience by bringing players together in a laid-back environment.

You don't have to leave any of your platoons to be apart of Bamboozle Company, nor do you have to use our emblem or tag though that would be totally sick if you did. To join, just search us up and request to join; we'll get you in from there.


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