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I'm looking for a mature adult group that will be playing most days. Doesn't have to be a clan with a lot of members, just a group that is interested in winning and finding ways to work better with each other.

I'm also looking for diversity in gameplay, whether it be core, hardcore, rush, conquest, or deathmatch. Switching it up makes it more interesting for me.

I won't have the game until Friday and would like to play some BF4 before that, so that way we will know how to best work with each other.

Also not looking for a military sim. While I know there are plenty of great guys in them, it's just a little too hardcore for me.

Well, if you've read all this, I hope you'll consider sending my gt, which is Hizzler, a message, so we can get started.
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  • skylineaaron
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    We are a Russian based MilSim on Xbox One. We are USSR GRU SPETSNAZ. Known around the Russian MilSim community. We do missions, training, and the WAR!!. We are a group of guys who arent Russian but we are an international MilSim. As long as you have a mic and speak English. Add on xbox : USSR GRU SKY 87 or USSR GRU DIMA. We are recruiting and have 2 servers. JOIN US TO UNLOCK YOUR INNER SPETSNAZ
  • UHMLethalDraven
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    Just a note we play a variety like you said and we don't have rank structure like most Mslim clans however we do play hardcore and squad up often as well as pto but add me to Xbox if your interested..

    SSKM (or Sask Militia™)
    We are an international social gaming community with members all over the globe. We are a community for all mature gamers. We provide a social network with a mix of current gaming reviews, blogs, interviews, and news articles. Though we are large in number, we are a very close knit group in terms of community and support. Just some of the benefits of being a member with SSKM X1 Division include:
    - soon to have bf4 Server back up..
    - Inter platoon squads for better cohesion with smaller groups, and inter platoon championships/seasons for added in house competition.
    - at LEAST one clan scrim/month open to all members
    - Competitive play possible via our most competitive squad, the SSKM KINGS
    - Variety of game modes including HARDCORE
    Join @ www.SaskMilitia.net
    We are an 18+ platoon with some exceptions
    Mic required
    Please read our rules of engagement here:
    Most of our platoon uses an app called Discord for chat. If any of this interests you then please don't hesitate to message me or add me on xbox one GT: SSKM Lethal , Hope to see you on the battlefield
  • blamaddog
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    We are IDS Gaming we are a well established gaming community looking for people to join in the fun.
    The primary goal/purpose of this community is to create an environment to foster intense fun and competition on the largest scale possible. Our community supports the following consoles:
    Playstation 4 (PS4)
    Xbox One
    We play a wide variety of games but here’s a selection of our popular ones;
    The Call of Duty Series
    Rainbow Six Siege
    Why join IDS?
    IDS brings more then just great gaming in a great atmosphere!
    •Professional website and forum - Updated weekly
    • Active community
    •Competitive but friendly atmosphere
    •An organized ranking structure
    •A chance to take part in community events, tournaments and scrims
    •Must have and use a microphone
    •Must be able to speak English
    •Must be at least 18 years old
    •Must be mature, respectful, and most importantly know how to have fun
    Contact Info
    Official Site: http://www.instantdeathsquad.net
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/IDSgaming
    If you have any questions message me on XBOX LIVE: DEVILS BAJA
  • TheSackManCanz
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    Looking for Battlefield 1 squad, working together synonymously to win on PS4, msg me.
  • HBARR0W5
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    Hello, I'm a member of Tactical Gaming, established in 2004, we're an organized clan with a Military style Chain of Command! We have practices EVERY Wednesday and Sundays at 8-10 pm EST or 7:30-9:30 GMT+1 both days. Depending on whether you are in the Eastern or Western Hemisphere. Our main focuses are Teamwork, Group Tactics, Communication, and Fun! Check us out man!

    For More Info: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/2195/tactical-gaming-tg-is-recruiting/

    If you decide that you want to join, click the link and go through it! We'd be glad to have you with us!

    XBL GT: PH4NT0M17
  • Irishking1x
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    How many damn threads are you gonna make?
  • DBAbyrdman
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    Feel free to check out our website we'd be happy to have you join we're all mostly on bf 1 now. We have competitive and Casual squads . One of our competition squads was in the top 5 in the world and diffuse competition on BF4 . We've been around for a long time if any of you are on Xbox Add me and play with some of our group hop in any parties were in any time. I'm leaving my gamertag and our website here. RK BYRDMAN www.tactgaming.net just click apply. If you have any questions just let me know. There's quite a few of us we just pretty much Squad up play as a team PTO and have a lot of fun and laughs on the BF we communicate through out the day on KIK Chat just bull crap and get to know each other we have a pretty great Community going I think you'd like being part of it .Hope to hear from you soon man.
  • r3driot99
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    Phantom Recon is always looking. Mature members and competitive play
  • LOGAN03032017
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    I am looking for a squad, just a team of nice and polite guys to cooperate with. I guess i am not a bad player, so would be happy to join your group. I play 2-3 days a week. PC only. I speak Russian, English and German. Also I am starting to stream on twitch a little. Open to any invitations. Just email me if you are looking for a member [email protected]
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