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The Battlelog Forums have served us well – forging friendships amongst like-minded gamers, helping to build platoons and organize matches, showing us some of the most insane “Only in Battlefield” moments we never even imagined were possible, and much, much more.

On June 17th, we locked down the Battlelog Forums – no new posts or threads could be created. As of June 30th, 2016, the forums available through Battlelog will no longer be accessible. Instead, join us here - on the new Battlefield forums at

Signing-in is easy – just use the same account that you use for Battlelog.
Want an avatar? Gravatar will ensure you have the same avatar on the new forums as the one you had on the Battlelog Forums*.

We’ve created the forums to house any and all discussions of Battlefield, from the Legacy titles of Battlefield 1942 to the recently announced Battlefield 1. Not only that, but we’re building these forums to have features we never had before – so we definitely want your constructive feedback to help us improve the forums.

We appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided on the Battlelog Forums and look forward to continuing our discussions on the new Battlefield Forums.
We’ll see you on the new Battlefield Forums!

Battlelog Team
Moderators & Staff
*Must use same email as your EA login for the Gravatar to work properly You can sign-up for Gravatar at
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