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[Px] Paradox Gaming AUS/NZ Only

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Hi all,

Paradox Gaming is now recruiting. We play a range of games - BF4, BF1, Call of Duty, Insurgency, Arma 3 + more. We are a 18+ clan made up of people aged 18-30 currently, younger members can apply as we do make exceptions.

We would be open to the idea of competitive gaming, particularly against other clans. Will be starting a youtube channel for all members to post their favourite gaming moments.

For those that do not want to be part of a clan you are welcome to jump on teamspeak and have a yarn while playing BF or simply join our squad in game, teamspeak is not restricted to members only.

All members that apply must have a headset, we try to promote clean and fun gaming and we have a zero tolerance policy for cheating, racism and abuse. Come and check us out/ Our website is now live and we will be getting servers for BF1 pending the release of information.

Add me on Origin
TS: (temporary)

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