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It used to be, from what I read about the bow, that the broadhead arrows could 1 shot in the chest. Now, when people are wearing the defensive sub, the broadheads can mo longer 1 shot. They leave your would be vitcim at a measly 7 hp. This make the bow pretty much usless. 1 sho chest shots would balance the bow and make it actually useable. The fire rate, at a whopping 2.4 seconds an arrow makes the bow way to under powered. When im running and someone runs infront of my face with an assault rifle, or a carbine, or even a machine gun... I normally only have time to fire one arrow. Its hard has everything to line up a head shot before you die because you only have less then a second. I cant tell you have many kills ive lost because I left them at 7hp. Does anyone agree on this? I mean I rarely even see the bow probably because of this fact. I love bows, and I stuggle to use it because its fun but I normally have a .75 to 1.1 kd witb it a match because of the none close range kills. If a shotgun can one shot you with buckshot at 20 meters or a saiga 12k killing you from halfway across the map... the bow should be able to one shot chest shot.


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    The best way to use it is to maximize head shots. Don't try to use it in a direct fire fight unless you are confident you can headshot the guy first.

    Try to take out unsuspecting enemies with it, and get used to switching to your secondary after you fire to finish ones you've had to engage head on.

    The bow is also not meant to be competitive, it was designed from the ground up to be underpowered, but viable to those with patience and skill.

    Also these are the BF1 forums
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