Network Optimizations & Competitive Play

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hi. everyone knows what happened at BF4 launch. it was horrible. boats spawning on top of tower, tanks going into lifts, players dying from med packs, weird bugs and above all crappy "netcode"

how different will this Battlefield 1 be from Bf4 launch? i would be more interested in this network part than anything else in next game. i remember how I and many many others were treated. and it hurt more when u preordered game with Premium for $120 and then u die behind cover all the time.

honestly EA and DICE in particular should detail more about this. i know next game is set in Frostbite 3 engine and its a very stable engine now, but thats mostly cause of what DICE LA did to it. it was them who took BF4 from grave and took it to heights of success it became after they started working on it.
this is my top preference to be satisfied about network for next game now. i will not preorder or for that matter purchase the game until EA and DICE satisfy me for a better network experience because they have announced no lock on weapons or gadgets in BF 1, it is more based on player skills and network now than ever before!

secondly recently there were many talks about EA and their interest in competitive gaming. how would that work in BF 1? any plans about its implementation in BF 1? i see a huge prospect in BF 1 since there will be no lock on stuff in game and it would mostly depend on skills.

also what do u guys think?

on a side note, just my speculation, i Think, there would surely be something else up their sleeves. i mean i love this going old school idea, but still, i think they surely have something modern. may be a DLC or something related to modern warfare, some thing in current times or near future like BF4. just a speculation though. what do u guys think?
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